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Buying A Strapless Bra

Strapless Bras have really revolutionised the way we women wear clothes. It has enabled us with plenty of options even when wearing either a strapless dress or top seemed impossible. Strapless bras have changed over time, giving us lots of reasons to go out and shop for all those low cut tops, halters and so much more. When buying a strapless bra however, there are a few things to consider beforehand. Here is what you should lookout for.

The Right Size

The trick to making a strapless bra work is by buying one size smaller for the back. This ensures that the cups stay in place and that everything is firmly secured. Most times when wearing a strapless bra we feel it slipping lower, but with this mechanism the band is secured and stays in place right throughout.

Prioritise the Fit

Don’t be ashamed of the size you are, whether it’s a 34D or 32B as having the right fit is what looks good. Buying a cup 1 or 2 sizes smaller will only make you look and feel awkward at the same time. It’s also important to get the right size for medical reasons as you don’t want anything squashed up for too long.

Lift and Separate

What you ideally want out of a strapless bra is to lift and separate your breasts at the same time. There shouldn’t be any gapping or sagging between the breasts as that looks very unflattering over clothes. The way to check if it’s the right size is to make sure the gore and centre of the bra lies flat on the chest.

Don’t use Lotion/Deodorant

If you plan on wearing a Silicone Strapless Bra, refrain from wearing any lotion, powder or deodorant as it can cause the silicone lined strips to slip. Two of the main reasons a strapless bra slips is because of the lotion applied and when the fit isn’t right.