How to keep a strapless bra up

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How to keep a strapless bra up

It is the time of the year to take out your off-the-shoulder tops and enjoy wearing backless gowns because summer is all about beating the heat with style and elegance. Be it a vacation to the lovely beach or a summery, night party, showing off some skin can do no harm.

But in summers wearing a strapped bra can be quite uncomfortable. The burning sensation under the skin and the straps causing rash, how can the ladies even thinking of wearing the traditional bras in such extreme heat? There are a lot of women who are unfortunately not gifted with beautiful big “assets” and even in such scorching heat of the sun; they need to wear push-up or padded bras to look more “feminine”.

  • Feeling feminine by going strapless

Going for bust uplifting surgery is not an option and this heat does not allow them to wear their typical bras too. So what can these beautiful ladies do improve their figure? This year summers is all about going strapless. Yes, there is a good strapless bra that is easy to wear and save you from all the itching and irritation.

There is a huge variety of push up strapless bras that can instantly pull up your busts and give them a firmer look to improve your figure. If you think these are uncomfortable, than you’re mistaken. These comfortable strapless bras are made from soft and light material so that in such scorching heat your breasts too can breathe freely.

  • Keeping it in place

At hearing the name of strapless bras, most of the ladies will get confused and worried as how to keep a strapless bra up? What if the bra slips down in the middle of a party and all you are left with is embarrassment? For women who are used to wearing strapped bras, having such questions is acceptable but here are a few tricks that can help you in keeping the strapless bra fixed in its place so that your boobs look their best:

  1. Pin it up to feel more secure
  1. For ladies who are too worried about getting the strapless bra slipping out of place, just secure it with a pin to your dress and enjoy your party. Take a safety pin and attach the bra to your dress so that it cannot move or slip down saving you from public embarrassment.

  2. Adhesive
  1. Both the LOLA and DONNA strapless bras come with an adhesive that sticks to your breasts the whole day without moving. The drawstring on the bra makes sure that the bra gives you that extra push-up.
  • Conclusion

Ladies loves looking pretty and a typical bra can simply ruin the look for them. to protect your modesty, a woman has to keep pulling up the straps which is of course very uncomfortable so let nothing stop you from enjoying some amazing dresses with the strapless bras from Lady Shaper.